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The Flibets is a 3-level course with 8 themed modules per leveldesigned for pre-primary children. Zac and his friends introduce pupils to their fantasy world through English, engaging them with exciting stories and stimulating activities. It contains a combination of elements which fully support teachers in the classroom and make learning fun for pupils.
Key Features
Fully illustrated and animated stories – featuring Zac, his family and friends – introduce pupils to the English language and promote age- appropriate values.
Listening tasks help pupils develop their listening skills and improve their attention span.
CLIL lessons help learners explore the language learnt through familiar concepts from other subject areas, such as art, science,
maths, etc.
Values lessons develop pupils’ social and interpersonal skills.
Phonics pages (optional) introduce pupils to literacy skills and ensure correct pronunciation.
Zac the puppet interacts with pupils and keeps them engaged.
Banners introduce the characters and cross-curricular themes throughout all three levels.
The Activity Book reinforces pupils’ learning with fun tasks.
IWB brings lessons to life.
The fully dramatised Class CDs provide a clear pronunciation model and include all the recordings for the dialogues, listening tasks and the songs/chants (also downloadable).
Picture flash cards, story cards, stickers, games, craftwork, songs & chants, extra activity worksheets complete the course.

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